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SecurityCode and SecurityCode WorldWide (SCWW) offer a permanent marking system for any type of theft sensitive equipment.
Figures show that more than 95% of all stolen laptop computers are sold to fences. But fences will never buy a "hot", or permanently marked, product. Thieves will not be able to sell this type of merchandise.

Mulder Vreeswijk distinguishes between two types of thieves:
  1. the hit-and-run thieve who doesn't care about markings, but hits and runs. This type of theft can easily be prevented by securing your equipment with steel cables. For more information go to (dutch).
  2. the more of less professional thieve who sells his merchandise to a fixed or variable network of fences.
The SecurityCode and SecurityCode WorldWide systems protect any type of equipment against theft by professional thieves, both internal and external.

The SecurityCode system
The SecurityCode system consists of a plate with sequential numbers, corporate logo's or any other data engraved. According to your wishes, Mulder Vreeswijk uses 0.5 mm FlexiBrass, 1 mm stainless steel or 0.75 / 1.4 mm ABS plastic. Enquire about the extensive options. With the sequential numbers of SecurityCode you can link the history of a certain item to a number. The SecurityCode plate can be designed in any possible shape. Your numbers are registered in our database at no cost.

The SecurityCode WorldWide system
The SecurityCode WorldWide system consists of a plate with a specified text and sequential numbers engraved. According to your wishes, Mulder Vreeswijk uses 0.5 mm FlexiBrass or 0.75 / 1,4 mm ABS plastic. Each client receives a number or series of numbers by which he is registered as legal owner of a particular item in a database on the Internet. The database can be used worldwide in five different languages. The SecurityCode WorldWide system low priced and very suitable for one laptop as well.

The actual costs of one SecurityCode plate would be at least 50 Euros for the design, setting, production and postal expenses alone. Mulder Vreeswijk offers one SCWWS plate for the price of 10 Euros. This includes a manual, glue, template, degreasing agent, etc.
Price ladder is excl. VAT. Standard: free registration in our Internet database.

How to order
First of all Mulder Vreeswijk makes an agreement in principle about the price. Then we produce a concept plate either or not with your logo. After you have approved the concept, Mulder Vreeswijk carries out the entire order. Upon receiving the order, Mulder Vreeswijk commits itself to produce the plates exactly according to your wishes. There is a minimum order size of 50 plates (SecurityCode).

Delivery period
SecurityCode WorldWide orders are delivered within two days. Under normal circumstances SecurityCode orders are delivered within one week following the order date.

For a list of our relations go to (dutch) > informatie > referenties. Since 1995, Mulder Vreeswijk has delivered over 200,000 SecurityCode plates to approx. 1,000 clients.