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Mulder Vreeswijk BV
Damzigt 49
The Netherlands

tel 0031 6 5142 6544
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SecurityCode, winner of the
- Hoffmann Bedrijfsrechercheprijs 1995 -
for innovative theft and fraud prevention.
SecurityCode Theft Prevention
Quote from the jury report accompanying the Hoffmann prize:

"The jury unanimously concludes that the prize should be awarded to the contribution by MULDER VREESWIJK BV in Nieuwegein. The SecurityCode tag is inexpensive and easy to apply, even for non-professionals. SecurityCode provides an extremely practical and effective means of theft prevention and the jury expects this simple and practical product to be used on a large scale. The jury hopes that this nomination will help push back damage caused by theft and burglary." (end of quote)

Signed: .........G.H. Hoffmann Sr. .........Prof. W. Hartman RA .........Prof. Mr. H. Franken

VROM (klik om in te zoomen) Letter from one of our clients, the Netherlands Ministry of
Housing, Spatial Planning and the Environment:

Ref: SecurityCode tags for laptops and TFT monitors

From: The Netherlands Ministry of VROM
To: Suppliers

Subject: Marking of VROM systems and monitors


The Ministry of VROM has decided that, from today, all laptop computers and TFT monitors purchased by VROM must be provided with a mark identifying VROM. As supplier of VROM, you are urgently requested to ensure that these markings are included both in your quotations and products and that they are delivered at the regular address.

With two previous projects VROM used the services of Mulder Vreeswijk BV in Nieuwegein.

Contract Management requests you to do the same.
Since 1995, Mulder Vreeswijk B.V. has sold
over 200,000 SecurityCode-plates to approx. 1,000 clients.